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Your investment property may not be maximising its full potential as oftentimes, landlords are unaware of how the market is performing. We believe in maximising your returns on real estate investments and are therefore well-equipped to analyze the ongoing changes in rental markets that cause rent fluctuations. We are the perfect choice for managing your property because of our extensive knowledge and passionate staff. In rental markets such as Papakura and Manukau, where there are fluctuations in weekly rents, rental appraisals are just the same.

It is essential that landlords set a reasonable rent level in a market with new regulations to avoid long periods of empty investment properties due to little tenant interest. We will send you a rental appraisal by simply emailing you the details of your property, such as how many bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. and a few photographs. Our free rental appraisals are reserved for folks looking to engage the services of a property manager. For all bank required or personal appraisals there is $50 plus GST charge per appraisal. For

A rental appraisal from a professional rental property agent will help you to be in the best possible position for property investment success. Contact our team today to arrange a free rental appraisal for your property by clicking the image below. You should conduct regular rental reviews to ensure that you get the best returns on your investment property.

What is topped-up rent?

Rent average ‘topped up’ Average rent Rents generated annually by the portfolio plus rent contracted after expiry of rent-free periods and uplifts as agreed at the balance sheet date

A rental property appraisal details the level of rental income an investment property might generate given current market conditions and the state of the property. A rental appraisal is completed by an experienced property manager and provides the landlord with a report on the potential earning potential of their investment property based on current market trends. Rental appraisals are usually provided to property owners free of charge. This makes them a risk-free option that every property investor should consider. Property investors are often provided with free rental appraisals. Finding out what your property should rent at is the first step to renting it. It is important that you get this right as rents can fluctuate in the Wellington market depending on the time of year and condition of the property.

Our team will find the best tenants for your property and take care of it. A second opinion is a good idea if you already use a property management company. It can give you assurance that you are getting the best return on your investment or help you see what you’re missing. Due to their larger tenant base, some property management companies can earn higher rental returns. If you are interested in finding out the current market rent value of a property, then complete the form above – we will be happy to help. You may think that rental appraisals are only completed while evaluating a potential deal, but that is not always the case.



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It can be tempting to ask for a high price on a rental property, but there are pitfalls to charging prices that are higher than acceptable market rates. These cases could secure desperate tenants and increase the likelihood of a Tenancy Tribunal hearing. This type of challenge at a Tenancy Tribunal could result in a penalty Every investor always keeps tabs on his or her investment rental appraisal info to ensure they get the biggest bang for their buck. An updated appraisal on your investment will help to gain a better understanding of how much your property is worth today, and can help determine the potential return on a given investment property.

If you’re thinking about becoming a property investor or adding a new property to your portfolio, you can have a rental appraisal done to help understand your return on a potential investment. The appraisal could also help you assess your purchase when seeking a loan from the bank. Knowing your potential rental income can help you understand the affordability of your repayments. At Ray White Gisborne, we provide a comprehensive analysis of the current market trend based on comparable properties to fully realise your property’s earning potential.

Engaging with a property manager at McDonald Real Estate means that your investment is in good hands. Landlords will be able to attract and retain good tenants if they ensure that the property is being sold at a fair market rate. Landlords can maximize the rent and ensure the highest returns by setting appropriate increases as the property’s value increases to the market. At Home Property Management ensures that landlords have rental appraisals and rent reviews at least every 12 months. Rental appraisals aren’t just for those that already own an investment property.