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Its powerful, rechargeable and long-lasting battery sits at the back of your head for optimum weight distribution. Enjoy 360 visibility thanks to the rear light and reflective headband. The NEO9R features an ergonomic design with a removable overhead strap to give you the perfect fit. The included chest belt can be used as a belt. An optional wearing method. The MH3 can be worn on the head or chest, which makes it a pretty versatile beast.

The headband is detachable for washing, and the battery switches to reserve mode when the battery is on its last legs . Extra features will undoubtedly increase the weight of any headlamp. Be realistic about your needs and how long you need to burn. Fortunately, modern LED technology has pretty much levelled the playing field, so AAA-powered head torches usually show pretty similar performance figures. Running headlamphas been designed with night running specifically in mind. We love this product for that reason alone. But what about runners? Slim and sleek-looking, it’s very comfy and the large lamp button is easy to use with gloves on.

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Rechargeable batteries for reactive lighting torch are available in most cases with a USB cable. If necessary, the settings can be adjusted on a computer before running to maximize the battery life. They are the “go-to” torch for runners who run in night events outdoors or train in the dark on trails in winter. The tilting lamp head allows for you to adjust the light beam to suit your preferences. With up to 1200 lumens, the NEO9R is bound to become a legend out on the trails. Whether moving cross-country, uphill or downhill, the specially designed light pattern and adjustable lamp head ensures precise short-range and long-range illumination of the trail at all times.

We cover running packs and waist belts, nutrition, waterproof jackets and trousers, headtorches/headlamps, headtorches, and road shoes. Keep an eye out for the next installment of the series, which will be available soon on Wild Ginger Running’s YouTube channel. These high-end head torches are made to support you on the most extreme and darkest conditions off-road.

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Instead of having the batteries and light all in one place, the weight is distributed differently. The heavier battery pack sits on the back of your head while the LEDs are almost flush to your forehead. Bright, powerful and lightweight – at the lower end of the price spectrum, you can’t go wrong with Decathlon’s headlamp. If you’re running in the dark for an hour or two max, this will serve you well.

It’s super-comfy, with weight balanced evenly between the rear battery pack and front lamp plate. The latter is ultra-thin and features seven LEDs with three power modes and two beam types . The Fenix HL18R-T Trail Runner headtorch is ideal for lighting your trail running adventures. The maximum output of the Fenix HL18R–T headlamp is 500 lumens. It uses Cree XP–G3 neutral white LEDs and Everlight 2835 white LEDs.

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It also boasts one-button easy operation, and has a 180-degree tilt to direct the light beam where you need it most. With a burn time of between 3-14 hours between charges, there’s plenty of time to take on the trails and parks and be home in time for tea and biscuits. This combination of brightness, battery life and ruggedness and will Lumen Hero see you for many mountain miles on tough multi-day ultra running. Road running will be easy with 150 lumens and ten hours of runtime. The classic design features an adjustable headband and simple head lamp with just two buttons and a hinge for altering the beam angle.

They come with very long battery life and powerful lights of up to 900 lumens which can provide a maximum range of 140 metres. You and your caving team could be in serious trouble if you make a mistake. And that comes in the form of the Petzl Duo S. Knocking out an astonishing 1,100 lumens of power in Boost mode, this stunning rechargeable head torch is IP67 rated.

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This is for serious runners who plan on spending hours on dark offroad trails or running all night. This model is the most expensive on the list. However, the price is still very reasonable. 1,200 sweet sweet lumens will get you. This provides the ultimate in running lighting – it’s so bright it’s almost like running in daylight. This monster beam has a shorter battery life than if it’s burning 1200 lumens. However, it can burn 450 lumens on medium mode for up to 6 hours.

First, a large, glove-friendly button and a wide head strap that makes it easy to attach to a helmet in darkness. Brightness Memory is a way to remember the last brightness setting by touching it once. Low-power peripheral white lighting is ideal for close-sight work like re-racking gear.

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The Petzl E+LITE is a tiny 26g in weight, but it packs white, red, and strobe lighting modes as well as IPX7 waterproofing, button lock, emergency whistle, and a button lock. If you can push your budget to PS25, we’d always recommend a Black Diamond head torch. This product is a great option if you need to save a few bucks. It’s not the most advanced option, and the brightness level is a bit low, but it’s still a great deal.

  • The Quokka is perfect for those who don’t need a heavy-duty light for day-to-day running.
  • The Swift RL is a fine example of an ultra-bright head torch coming in a lightweight, extremely convenient, body.
  • A red light setting is useful for better night vision if you’re watching wildlife, and water resistance is a must if you’re planning to go exploring in inclement weather.
  • If necessary, the settings can be adjusted on a computer before running to maximize the battery life.

This head torch’s main selling point is its power – a 580 lumens max output – despite the affordable price-tag of PS34.99. The qark is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can be charged via USB. It provides two and a quarter hours of illumination at the maximum setting. Alternativ, the medium setting with 270 lumens will last for five hours and thirty minutes, while the low 30 lumens option can be used for up to 18 hours. Petzl has totally re-imagined the head torch with an eye-catching, modern design. The headband is not made of fabric. Instead, it’s the so-called “airfit” headband. It’s a semi-rigid, sleek band that has a sunglasses-like shape and fit.


Do some research, look at reviews (oh, good, you’re already doing this – sweet). We don’t have to tell you that the cost of avoiding hypothermia, and possibly even a mountain rescue response on a cold night is more than what money can buy. Head torch use either an LED light source or a krypton- or halogen bulb.

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For less than the cost of a takeaway, you get a max output of 87 lumens for eight hours, battery life of 20 hours in the 30-lumen dip mode, and several modes including constant, flashing and red SOS. Three AAA batteries are required to provide power, and the lamp tilts 90 degrees. Alpkit has been improving its head torch designs for many years. This one is the most durable, made from aluminium and features a number of long-lasting features. Dust-proof, drop-proof to two metres and water-proof to one metre, the Prism’s Li-ion rechargeable battery can juice up from any micro USB input, and pumps out a 400 lumen beam in boost mode.

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You can immerse it in fresh water down to a 1m depth for up to 30 minutes. It does weigh 370g including the rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, so you will certainly know when you’re wearing this headlamp, but it has far too many killer features to let us worry about the weight. You may need someone to help you see the way ahead if you are trying to squeeze in your runs at night or early morning.

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The Silva Trail Speed 5R requires that you carry the battery pack on your headband. This adds weight, but you don’t notice it because you’re too busy looking at the brightness. BioLite’s latest headlamp, the Biolite HeadLamp 200 is one of the best running head torches around, for a bunch of good reasons. It is bright, lightweight, comfortable, easy to adjust, and has a decent amount of battery life. All this without spending a lot.

Biolite Headlamp 200: The Best Head Torch For Camping And Backpacking

Make sure you pick a design with buttons that you find easy to use with gloved fingers too. While all of these head torch can be used as backpacking lights, the Petzl ELite is worth mentioning because it is the smallest and lightest. A mere 50-lumen output, tricky-to-source lithium CR2032 batteries and tiny controls. It doubles as an emergency light with strobe effect to help rescue parties find you in the dark.